Why Nitrogen?????

Whats the difference between Nitrogen versus Air?

Air is composed  of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% of other stuff.(ie:moisture...)Nitrogen is an  Inert molecule implying that it can't stand alone without binding to itself. This  implies that  the N2 molecule is larger than the air molecule.  Therefore, since the molecular size of the N2 molecule is larger, it won't leak through the rubber in your tires as quickly as air. Our KIWI System is 99.95% pure, which is far better than the non vending Nitrogen solutions that are currently used at Dealers and Tire stores. Nitrogen  at -323F  turns into a liquid. Therefore, unless the temperature is that low (which in our World will never happen) the nitrogen will stay as gas in your tires at cold or warm temperatures. Hugely important from the SAFETY factor for your vehicles. These unique characteristics is what makes Nitrogen so special. THE HIGH PURITY, and CONVENIENCE IS WHAT MAKES OUR NITROGEN  OFFERING SO DIFFERENT.

Lets Talk about the Benefits

  • Convenient with 24/7 drive-up access
  • Save money utilizing less gasoline!
  • Easy payment with Credit or Debit card
  • Safe Dispensing, requires no training and it simple to use
  • Safe for all drivers and passengers
  • Improvement in tire wear with better tire handling.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Economic and socially responsible
  • Stable, reliable investment for buyers, partners, and consumers   

The Exciting News


Savings Example               Average 

Miles you drive per year     15,000  

Cost to replace a tire         200.00  

Price of gas                        3.00

MPG                                  20 ​​ 

​Reduction in fuel costs by improved mileage: $67.50

Savings by increased tire life: $80.00

​ Total savings per year:        $147.50*

* Based on maintaining proper tire pressure, according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations 

*Based on the average 15,000 miles driven per year.   

the "kiwi" self service Nitrogen tire inflation system