Pressure monitoring is just the same as for an air machine.

Pressure reading information is just like an air machine. Door is Hinged an locked for safety and security.

Only accepts Credit or Debit Cards. Price may be changed for various specials ay specific locations.

Environmentally responsible with less CO2 in the air.

Environmentally responsible that saves our Carbon Footprint. All UL and safety stickers are on the machine. Signage will have the benefits.

Has a 25 foot circular hose for ease to reach all 4 tires. Additinal signage will instruct customer how to replace air in all 4 tires and how to top off tires.

Leak proof enclosure with outside durability. Ease of accountability as transactions will be recorded daily.

Purity is 99.5% consistently so there is minuscule oxidation of the tire wheels. Ramp up can be quick to add additional machines.  Leasing to avoid larger capital payouts.

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