About Us

My company is 100% woman owned and operated. My name is Janice and in my past career I  sold in the Cryogenics industry. When I had my Nitrogen Tire Inflation Vending idea I decided to apply for provisional patents.

I had an opportunity to teach at a Large University where Senior Design Mechanical Engineering students helped to make my first prototype. I was incredibly excited and thrilled when I saw the system worked. I realized that it was the very beginning of what became my company. 

Currently, I have a second prototype and again it works! This  is in the process of the field testing.


Testing of final prototype is in process!!  This is exactly the initiative needed to prove the concept.  Although I know it works, I am thinking about what works for you and your friends. I hope you tell your friends about it. By the way, it is MUCH less costly then Dealers or Tire stores.